Microsoft AI Gets A Huge Boost, Announces Killer Tools And Services For The Developers [VIDEO]


Microsoft AI is getting some big boost this week, adding more AI tools to the developer Cognitive Service. The software company is beefing up its Speech-to-Text Capabilities and Content Moderation with new tools, which includes custom speech-recognition tech and content moderator.

Microsoft AI Gets A Big Boost

The company's Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, a major new engineering, and research division within Microsoft are debuting a new technology that will allow developers to customize Microsoft's speech-to-text engine for use in their own apps and online services.

Microsoft has created the AI engineering and research division to accelerate its artificial intelligence advances, get more of its technologies out of the labs and applies it to its own products and services. The AI research division also includes the Bing search engine and the Cortana voice-based assistant.

According to MS Power User, the Redmond-based software company is getting ready to release its Custom Speech Service, Content Moderator, and Bing Speech API to developers and make them generally available next month.

More AI Tools Coming For The Developers

According to Infoworld, Microsoft is expanding its Cognitive Services portfolio to include two new services that are set to go for general availability next month.

Microsoft's new Custom Speech Service, which set for release today as a public preview, will allow developers to upload a unique vocabulary to produce a sophisticated language model for recognizing voice commands and other forms of user speech. The company has also tuned its speech recognition algorithms to perform well in the noisy areas and also includes an acoustic model that cancels out background noise to improve speech recognition.

Microsoft also provides tools to help automate the time-consuming jobs of creating and maintaining a user-submitted content. The new tool such as Content Moderator will allow users to review and check images, text, and video for unwanted contents and offensive materials.

Bing Speech API converts audio into text and then convert text back to speech. The Bing Speech also applies to contextual understanding to that speech or text.

The three AI services are said to work well with Microsoft's Bot Framework, but can also be used independently and even feature by the developers to their apps.

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