Forget Lady Gaga Or Tom Brady, The Real Star Of Super Bowl Is Intel Shooting Star [VIDEO]


Forget Lady Gaga or Tony Brady, the real star of the big Super Bowl night is the Intel Shooting Star. At the Super Bowl halftime show, Intel has light up the sky over the Super Bowl event and made a stunning drone performance that has not seen before on TV.

Introducing Intel Shooting Star

During the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the American chipmaking giant has collaborated with the NFL, Pepsi and music icon Lady Gaga, to create something unique- a drone light show experience. In the event, around 300 Intel Shooting Star drones lit up the Super Bowl sky in a choreographed aerial performance.

Additionally, The company also ran a 10-second light show featuring the Intel Shooting Star drones morphing from the Pepsi logo into the Intel logo. The event marks the first-ever successful drone integration made in a big televised event.

According to TechCrunch, the drone light show experience is the latest project in Intel's quest to take drones from individuals to fleets or swarms. The quadcopter drone, Intel Shooting Star is a whole new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), specifically designed for doing big entertainment purposes, just like in Disney and the recent Super Bowl night.

The Intel drone, which weight just a volleyball, is equipped with LED lights that can create over 4 billion color combinations and easily be programmed for doing any animation works. The drones' routes are pre-programmed and installed software determines routes that eliminate drone collisions.

The drone is made up of Styrofoam materials and simple metal cages around the four props. They are no screws around it, it was designed to be assembled in less than 15 minutes. The drone's main attraction came from the bottom of the drone, which features a large, multicolored LED light that paints the dark sky of the Super Bowl.

Why Intel Is Filling The Night Sky With Drones

Last night was a really stunning performance for Intel. The tech giant has just conquered the night sky of the Super Bowl event, flooding it with drones. According to Anil Nanduri, VP for Intel Technology Group and general manager of Intel UAV division, the light show performance was seen at the Super Bowl night is all part of a virtuous cycle.

The Santa Clara-based American tech giant is about to move beyond its core business, which is the chips, to focus more on drones to create a unique outdoor and entertainment experiences.Drones are getting more attention these days and Intel is not going to miss this wonderful opportunity, instead, it's joining the drone party.

According to Intel, drones or UAV has a lot of market potential because they use a lot of technology on board, including Intel RealSense technology.

In addition to the RealSense technology, the drone also produce an enormous amount of data which can be collected and analyzed for business insights. The massive amount of data keeps the servers in data centers humming 24/7, and that creates more demand and business for Intel's processors and related technology.

The drone could be Intel's next big market.The drone technology might still be in its early stage but Intel is working hard to make everything happens, and the company strongly believe that drone would make a big different.

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