Adobe Blames Brexit For Price Change On UK; Special Adobe Deals To Suffer Much Heavier Blow


Adobe is once again on the hot seat, but this time the focus is on the company's cloud-based subscription service, Adobe Creative Cloud. The price of Adobe Creative Cloud and related products and services are about to go up next month.

First Introduced in 2016, Adobe Creative Cloud is a SaaS (which stands for software as a service) offering that gives users access to a collection of software that can be used for video editing, web development, and graphics editing.

In a SaaS model, a monthly subscription service is delivered over the Internet and installed directly on a local PC and used as long as the subscription remains valid. Additionally, online software updates are also included in the subscription.

Adobe Gets A Price Increase For UK

According to The Express, the Creative Cloud subscriptions will go up, starting on March 6. The tech company has yet to release details of the new pricing scheme, which has lead to widespread confusion in the UK.

In the company's official website, Adobe lists the current pricing of the software, however, the adjusted price or price rise has not been mentioned not even in a vague Adobe blog post. Adobe subscribers were reportedly informed about the price change through email.

Adobe's lack of clarity about its price change has provoked anger in the social media. Many users of the popular products have now taken to social media to complain about the increase. Students are the most affected in this latest price hike

Reports also said that price hike will also affect popular Adobe software, which includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator.

Reports said that prices will rise by around 25 percent but customers on special subscription deal will suffer the much heavier consequences. This means only one thing- they will see much larger price increases.

Subscribers who signed up to a special offer launched in June of last year will expect to see the price of their Adobe Photoshop subscription to go up from £6 a month to over £10 a month.

Adobe Blames Brexit For Price Change

According to The Independent, Adobe is reportedly blaming the price change on fluctuations in currency exchange rates in the UK region. Other said that this is another instance of 'Blame Brexit'.

Since the UK left the EU body in June 2016, the value of the pound dropped amid the uncertainty that followed the EU referendum.

The UK's Brexit moves have sent a tremor in the tech industry, causing numerous US-based tech companies, including Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft, to raise product prices for UK customers only.

It's not just the UK that having tough challenges here, Adobe has also announced price increases in Sweden too, in which the country's currency Krona have seen a massive drop in its value.

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