Lithuania Builds Tesla Minecraft Factory To Lure Elon Musk For Future Tech Site


There are many ways to court a company when it comes to making sure they bring their business to their town or city. In Lithuania, building a virtual Tesla factory inside a Minecraft video game is the key.

Other states or countries are encouraging businesses to be put up in the area through tax discounts or other cuts in order to provide employment and innovation to the area. If the vicinity is rich in man power and intellectual resources, it would be a vital source of business assets. But how will Lithuania persuade Tesla to go to their home town?

Lithuanians badly want Tesla to build its next factory in the country, as reported by the New Jersey Herald. Through the use of a virtual version of a facility using Minecraft, they hope to grab the tech giant's attention.

Vladas Lasas is the man behind the courtship. They want to send a message to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that the country has a host of assets to provide Tesla. He points out that the country has a lot of skilled workers that can fit a factory's needs.

Aside from the virtual factory set up, the 3D video blasts a Welcome to the dream" sign for viewers. Lasas boasts that they have a team that can build a virtual factory in less than a week, as reported by Taipei Times. To which he adds that the country has teams that can work in real factories within just a couple of years.

In response to Lithuania's courtship, Tesla tweeted on Friday that the European country knows the way to their heart.

As of the moment, there is no official announcement as to where Tesla will be building their next factory. The cost of the site is said to cost about $5.4 billion dollars.

Watch the Gigafactory LT clip below on how Lithuania made the virtual factory:

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