College Tech Trend: Top 5 Apps And Technologies Students Often Use


A recent survey conducted by Fluent, a college marketing agency, involving more than 500 students between 17 and 24 years old and here are the top 5 apps and technologies trending with college students.


Last year, 62 percent of students said they prefer online to in-store shopping with Amazon as their online store of choice according to Fluent. This year, the number fell down to 54 percent but despite that, the Amazon app is still the number one among the apps and technologies trending with college students. Moreover, 75 percent of the respondents say they use coupons when shopping while 95 percent is looking for bargains rather than paying the full price.

Uber and Lyft

Although there is still a large percentage of students who own cars, they are favoring ridesharing to owning a car which shows that more and more students are looking for more ways to economize their budget. Those who use Uber increased 57 percent to 78 percent and Lyft from 25 percent to 46 percent.


It looks like cash is not already king among college students as Venmo use increases from 35 percent to 65 percent this year. Venmo also replaced PayPal as the number method of electronic payment. The survey also revealed that 50 percent of students walk cash-free while 40 percent only carry $20 in their pocket.


Cable as a source of programming has significantly dropped from 42 percent to 25 percent. When it comes to watching movies, Netflix is still the number one source with 71 percent of college students using it. Amazon Prime takes the second place with 36 percent using it while iTunes dropped from 12 percent to 9 percent. Moreover, the use of mobile devices in viewing content is increasing.


Spotify is the number one when it comes to music streaming with 50 percent of students using it compared to 40 percent in 2015. Meanwhile, the use of radio has decreased from 49 percent to 31 percent.

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