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Silicon Valley Warns About AI Taking Over Jobs In The Future


A number of prominent leaders from Silicon Valley are issuing their warning that in the near future, unemployment will continue to rise and people will lose their jobs as artificial intelligence, robots, and a more sophisticated technology take over.

Some of the most vocal people who are sounding the alarm against artificial intelligence are also the brightest minds. More surprising is that they are people at the forefront of science and technology, such as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Sam Altman, and Sam Hinkie.

Sam Hinkie, who is considered one of the brightest minds in sport, are asking parents how they are preparing their kids for a future where the chance of being unemployed is 60 percent.

Stephen Hawking expressed the same sentiments when he predicted that only the most sensitive supervisory roles will remain in the future.

They might have reason to be alarmed what with the latest report that was published by the White House stating that 83 percent of the jobs that make less than $20/hour will be replaced by artificially intelligent robots. The report went on stating that up to 3.1 million driving jobs will be eliminated and become automated.

The news is even more dire with those who haven't got a degree because up to 47 percent of jobs are at risk of becoming irrelevant due to more sophisticated technological developments. That means, jobs, such as groundskeeper, cashiers, fast food workers, and more, are in danger of becoming dislocated and that might happen in the next 15 years.

A lot of people might not have been aware but 4 million manufacturing jobs in the United States have already been replaced by automation since 2000. Sadly, a majority of those workers who were dislocated were not able to go back to the workforce again. If such is the case, what kind of future are we heading to?

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