Samsung Pay Mini: Shopping App Launches in Q1; Where Will It Be Available


Online transactions have proven to be more convenient to many who do not have much time to spare to go to an actual store and purchase what they need. Now, here comes Samsung Pay Mini, a shopping app from the South Korean tech giant.

Samsung Pay Mini: what is it?

According to Android CentralSamsung's digital payments platform Samsung Pay is currently available on select Galaxy smartphones in 11 countries. The company wanted to increase the reach of their services and announced Samsung Pay Mini, an online payments solution to be available on all Android phones. 

Samsung Pay Mini: how does it work?

Per Andoid Police, Samsung Pay Mini works just like Android Pay when you pay for items online. E-tailers opt-in to the service, which means as long as the app is downloaded, users can effortlessly pay for products or services without having to sign anything or have their cards swiped.

However, Pay Mini will be available for all Android smartphones, rather than just Samsung phones. Samsung Pay will stay exclusive to the company's phones, since the hardware for the service was patented for use in the Galaxy line. 

With the Samsung Pay Mini app, users can access goods from well-known Korean retailers, as well as a Rewards program for loyal shoppers. The more you shop and rewards you earn, the better discounts and deals you may find. 

Samsung Pay Mini: where will it be available?

Samsung Pay Mini is initially launching in South Korea later this quarter. The company said that the service will soon be accessible in other markets at a later date.  

A Samsung Pay Mini "pre-event" is set to take place on February 6, ahead of the official launch. Anyone with a Samsung Card will be able to download a trial version of Samsung Pay Mini directly from Google Play, but again, this is exclusively in Korea for now (via Droid Life).

Are you an android user? Which online shopping platforms are you using now? Are you excited for the arrival of Samsung Pay Mini?

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