Siri vs Bixby vs Google Assistant: Battle of Digital Assistants and In-Depth Review [VIDEO]

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Technology has never been this fun until digital assistants on smartphones becomes a trend. It all started with Siri, followed by the newbie Google Assistant and the upcoming Bixby. Out of the three of them, who do you think can take the conversation into the next level? Here's an in-depth comparison of the three popular AI.

Siri of Apple

Siri is one of the world's most popular artificial intelligence because it is the first one that is fully functional when it comes to accommodating voice commands. Siri has been programmed by Apple to cater regular search queries from the users and throw out responses through information that mostly come from Google.

However, Siri appears to be the most outdate one compared to other digital assistants and started to become unappealing for the users. According to Forbes, Apple has upgraded Siri in the upcoming iPhone 8 with features such as ordering item outside of subscription and expansion of support for the third-party apps.

Google Assistant

When the Pixel phones were launched last October of 2016, Google Assistant was a built-in and exclusive feature of the phone alongside many others. The AI has gathered positive reactions from the netizens because of its ability to respond with specific answers in matters like locations, weather or climate and orders.

Aside from that, Google Assistant is said to be great at remembering stuff for Allo, Pixel and Home devices. According to Android Police, one of the example is when the user needs to be reminded of something, he just have to say "Remember I" and the AI respond "Remember I need to get milk".

Samsung Bixby

The upcoming AI-powered digital assistant of Samsung will have a dedicated button in Galaxy S8 to be able to access its features. According to Mashable, Bixby is more powerful than Google Assistant and Siri in the sense that it has the capability to search the items the camera is pointing to and lead them to specific online stores.

Furthermore, Bixby could also act as a digital scanner because of its support for optical character recognition (OCR). This feature will scan the text into a digital format and is much better than the available standalone apps in the market. 

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