AMD Ryzen to Put Some Fear into Intel Kaby Lake; Find Out Why!


AMD showcased Ryzen a few weeks ago and it does look promising; but will it be able to dethrone Intel?

Ryzen is looking good with its 8C/16T parts clocked at 3.4 GHz. This is an impressive numbers when compared to Intel i7-6900K that comes with 3.2 GHz clock base.

From this point, it can be argued that Ryzen is moving ambitiously for supremacy. It's been reported that the Zen architecture has almost 40 percent better IPC than the cores found in Excavator. This also means that Ryzen has two times better IPC than in Vishera.

A leak from Zolkorn website has learned that SR5 will have 8 cores-8 threads whilst SR3 will be getting 4 cores-8 threads. This doesn't nod the previous rumor that stated SR5 will feature 6 cores.

Ryzen CPU is lauded for the impeccable benchmark scores and many gamers seem to see it as a solid choice - something worth to wait. Forbes speculated that Ryzen is highly likely to be cheaper than Intel's Core i7.

If it is indeed, coming out as an affordable option, then it would be a great advantage for AMD to drive some growth as the easily-overclocked CPU will put it on par with Core i3 and Core i5.

Again, if Ryzen turns out to be cheaper than Intel Core, it will put AMD back on its feet, as a worthy competitor. Ryzen will be quickly catching up with Kaby Lake as both will be manufactured on 14nm FinFET process.

AMD's Ryzen is taking a huge leap from the previous Bludozer series.  Skipping one node simply means a massive upgrade and AMD has a lot of room for improvements with Ryzen in hand. On the other hand, the 2017 sees Kaby Lake as a slightly-updated product of its predecessor despite the power efficiency and better performance it claims.

Whatever hype that internet has created with both CPUs, AMD hasn't divulged any further details on the CPU. As for now, it might be wise to wait for any Ryzen third-party benchmarking result and the price announcement from AMD - before we're able to compare it with Intel Kaby Lake.

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