What You Need To Consider Before Taking IB Classes In High School


IB or International Baccalaureate classes are popular for being more challenging and encouraging to students to practice critical thinking. It is growing in popularity here in the US but is more common in Europe, and students feel confused when deciding whether to take an IB course or not.

According to College Raptor, when taking an IB course, students will have the option to choose what class to take and they also have to liberty to choose between higher level and standard level IB tests. They are also being encouraged to try different approaches to learning. And while IB can be very challenging and time-consuming, here are some of the things you might want to consider if you are thinking about taking it.

IB has a different exam format

Your exams play a significant role in determining your final grade in IB, according to US News, and a part of it will also be determined by your teacher's assessment. IB tests are not like the multiple choice type of test, instead, they require students to give a free response to structured problems and case studies. Internal assessment can also be facilitated like laboratory experiments.

It encourages self-reflection

In IB, students are being asked to include their personal reflection when it comes to their responses and answers to questions. They need to squeeze in their personal reflection in such a way that it supports their answers to the questions directly.

IB requires ample time for preparation

Since IB has a unique assessment style, students are strongly encouraged to dedicate enough time for the preparations. They can check sample IB assessments and reach out to their high school for any test prep materials.

While IB can be a great academic opportunity for high school students, careful consideration and clear understanding about the things it involves should take place.

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