Flappy Bird Creator Creates ‘Ninja Spinki Challenges’; What It Is And Why You’ll Throw Your Phone Away [Video]


Dong Nguyen is at it again. The notorious indie 8-bit creator and the genius behind "Flappy Bird" and seven other similarly difficult games, is back with another 8-bit game that will surely drive people crazy. "Ninja Spinki Challenges" promises to be as infuriating and as fun as its predecessor.

Flappy Bird Creator Creates Ninja Spinki

Not everyone knows who Dong Nguyen is, but nearly everybody knows what "Flappy Bird" is. The 8-bit game that drove people crazy in 2014 now has a successor that promises to be equally challenging, difficult and fun. "Ninja Spinki Challenges" is an addictive new product from Nguyen, which is as difficult as anyone could expect, Engadget reported.

If Nguyen kept true to his style and craft, this new game will be a massive success as "Flappy Bird" was. If fans can remember correctly, Nguyen was thrust into an unwanted spotlight back when "Flappy Bird" was in its heydays. It was an indie hit that came out all the way from Vietnam that Nguyen began to pull it off from Google and Apple's app stores because of the addictive side-effects it caused him and the players.

What It's All About

With "Ninja Spinki Challenges" players will have to control ninjas and complete a level at a time. There are six mini-games which are: bounce, shuriken, crossy, jump, rolling, and cannon. These levels titles say it all.

Players will have to jump over fruits, avoid obstacles, or even fire projectiles at objects, PC Mag reported. But the ultimate challenge is to keep your ninja alive at a given time.

Players will have to face a game that has very short levels and specific tasks, and the challenge of surviving all that all in all. You can see for yourself below. It's highly possible that you will have to throw off your phone out of frustration with "Ninja Spinki Challenges". It's free top download for your Android or iOS devices.

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