Internship 2017: Intern Shares Tips And On The Job Experience


The experience of getting an internship can be both exciting and overwhelming. It prepares students for what they may expect when it comes to the world of employment. Depending on the industry, preparations come in different forms.

And internships these days are getting creative. One MBA undergrad from a Copenhagen Business School in Denmark says that his professor turned into a drill sergeant. They had to do circuit drills with intense work out sessions.

It is not something he would expect on the first day but this business school student says it is a lesson he needs, as reported by The Financial Times. The lesson he found was that maintaining one's body is important to maintain one's leadership stamina.

Which is also why one student from the Surrey Business School, cites the FT publication, says that soft skills are important. Reading up on books that help interns make them a better person is essential. 

Applying to different companies can be intimidating but making sure the undergraduate is well trained in both hard and soft skills are important. While colleges and universities teach students the basics of one's future career, internships prepare them for an actual career.

Here are some important tips that will help students get that internship, as reported by Payscale. Firstly, having an interest in a certain type of internship, outside one's field of study, is alright to try out. According to the publication, some interns do no necessarily want to work in the internship they have chosen but would want to experience something close. For example, an environmental sciences student interns at an atmospheric chemistry company and found it enlightening when it comes to research.

Always have a resume and cover letter ready. One never knows when a recruiter may come by. Payscale cites that it is okay to apply everywhere, too. Keeping an open mind is also important when it comes to seeking opportunities.

Want an internship at Google? Check Michelle Khare's video below:

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