Microsoft .NET Announces Great News, More To Come As Big .NET Event Comes Next Month


Microsoft is encouraging developers to update their .NET framework to take advantage of the major improvements made in the garbage collections. Microsoft made the huge announcement this week.

According to IT World, Microsoft has been encouraging developers to move to the 4.6.2 version of the Microsoft Dev tool, so that they can benefit from the enhancement made in the garbage collection side, which now provides automatic memory management.

According to the company, the newly refreshed feature will now provide automatic memory management, which has received some great improvements.

For a starter, Microsoft.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft Corporation that runs primarily on Windows-based computers.

First introduced in 2002, the Microsoft Dev tool has led to a family of application development tool targeting a range of computing platforms which include mobile computing, embedded devices, alternative operating systems and even browser plugins.

Introduced New Features, More Expected To Come Next Month

Among the big highlights is the garbage collector, which said to be more efficient now. The garbage collector allows developers to build new applications without having to free up new memory. 

In addition to the collection, the new version also features more efficient and more adept at managing free space. In the previous version, it used only a first-fit approach when compacting gen1 survivors into the gen2 free list, which meant garbage collection-discarded spaces could not be used, thus leading to wasted spaces.

Fortunately, Microsoft is working hard to address the issue. The latest version introduced a new approach, a bucketed free list-style where leftover free spaces are threaded into their respective bucket.

In other Microsoft news, the Microsoft .NET framework will celebrate its 15th anniversary on February 13, according to Tech Target. So expect some big development in the coming days as the Redmond-based company announced plans to continue upgrading their framework.

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