Microsoft Office 365 Announces Amazing New Features, Latest Update Targets Phishing And Malware


Microsoft Office 365 is about to get even safer. The software giant has just rolled out two new security capabilities for its Microsoft Office 365, which is designed to defeat phishing and other techniques used by advanced hackers.

According to RedmondMag, the company's latest security updates to its Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection email security service can neutralize almost all common techniques used by hackers or malware creators.

The first security feature, the URL Detonation service, will help mitigate phishing attack by scanning links in emails and checks for potentially malicious behavior associated with those links. The security feature has already been released to some users last year as part of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and on Thursday, the feature was finally made available to all Office 365 users.

The second new security feature, which is currently released as a public preview, is the Dynamic Delivery with Safe Attachments. It is designed to minimize disruptions and malware infection while scanning email attachments as well as checking for malicious contents.

In addition, Microsoft has also provided a walkthrough for IT admins who want to enable the two newly added security features. Using the Office 365 management portal settings, IT admins can now turn on both features. The URL Detonation can be turned on by checking a box labeled, "Use Safe Attachments to scan downloadable content."

Microsoft said that the Dynamic Delivery preview is an option that can be found in the "Safe Attachments" admin control window. The full details on how to enable the two new security features can be read at the official Microsoft Office Blog site.

Latest Updates Target Phishing And Other Form of Malicious Acts

The email system has been considered a vector for malware distribution and phishing scam. Fortunately, Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to protect users with the introduction of two new capabilities to its optional Advanced Threat Protection subscription, according to MS Power Users.

The goal is to prevent phishing and other forms of malicious attacks. The URL Detonation helps prevent users from being compromised by attachments files that linked to malicious URLs or contents.

The Dynamic Delivery prevents disruption in the user side while working. The tool allows the recipients to read and respond to email while the attachment is being scanned.

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