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Jan 28, 2017 11:15 AM EST

NASA Alleged UFO Cover Up: NASA 'Cuts Live Feed From ISS' Again After Another Alien Sighting


Alien sightings seem to be getting more frequent but NASA is more vigilant in their attempt to cover them up and deny their existence. The latest of these sightings happened a few days ago but before it can be seen in full view, NASA had to cut pff live feed again. Why is NASA covering up alien sightings and occurrences?

John Craddick, an alien hunter from Wolverhampton, said that he was watching the live feeds from NASA's International Space Station (ISS) for years and hasn't seen anything extraordinary. However, on January 20, he was teaching his friend how to use the live feed when he spotted what appeared to be a UFO.

The object appeared small but it began to grow bigger staying on the screen for 25 seconds when, suddenly, it was cut off. Craddick told the Sun in an interview that he was sure it was an unidentified flying object because nothing 'human can fly that high.'

Late last year and earlier this year, there were also some reported sightings which NASA allegedly covered up. Last year, a live stream was also cut when a mysterious fast-flying object sped by. At that time NASA said that they were experiencing some technical issues. Earlier this month, an ISS astronaut blocked the live feed video just when another mysterious object whizzed across the camera.

According to Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell via UFO Sighting, there are three major reasons for the NASA cover up and denial: they didn't know if the extraterrestrial beings are hostile; they have no idea whether we humans are capable of defending ourselves, and they don't want the Soviets to know about it.

However, UFO expert and author of the UFO Investigations Manual Nigel Watson said in an interview with Mail Online that those reported 'sightings' have a simple explanation. He said they could just be the product of lens reflection which appears and then goes off giving it the appearance of an extraterrestrial spaceship coming in and out of view.

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