‘Scandal’ Season 6 Review, Spoilers: Major Conspiracy Theory Behind Frankie’s Death Revealed; Something Fishy Is Boiling Up [VIDEO]


"Scandal" Season 6 premiered with the tragic death of United States of America's newly elected President Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira). Unsurprisingly, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) immediately suspected Vice President-elect Cyrus Beane (Jeff Perry) was the person behind the terrible assassination.

However, Washington's character may be wronged in suspecting the VP-elect. Although VP Cyrus has played various treachery and schemes against Frankie's campaign in the previous seasons, he was also shocked of his rival's unexpected death, Entertainment Weekly reported. A great schemer like him would never put an act where his prized supporters are in the audience watching his every move and get involved in the scandal.

In addition, Cyrus has to avoid the risk of the Electoral College nominating ultimately anyone over him. Meaning, his involvement does not quite make sense. "Scandal" fans should expect that this Season 6 will revolve around this incident and finding the people behind Frankie's death.

On that note, "Scandal" Season 6 spoilers and conspiracy theories aroused. One notable theory behind the President's death involves Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) and Charlie (George Newbern) who assisted him. Back in the election night, Jake has disappeared from Mellie's (Bellany Young) campaign headquarters but reappearing in the war room to inform Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) that the shooter acted by himself. Could it be a coincidence?

The "Scandal" theory noted that Jake was not shown receiving any call or text before the assassination plot transpired, caught on TV Fanatic post. Meanwhile, Charlie took charge of the manipulation of 832 and 833 message lines. In the end, Olivia will find out that Frankie has actually exerted efforts to kill the president. As the Season 6 progressed it will be revealed that her father, Rowan (Joe Morton) orchestrated the murder.

The reason behind is Rowan's plan to put Jake under Mellie's ticket and put him in the top position and be a puppet leader under his control. Are you fetching on this theory? If not, let at hear you at the comment section below.

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