UFO, Alien Existence: The Truth About Extraterrestrial Sightings May Have Been Suppressed By CIA


The declassified paper reports on UFO sightings in Norway, Spain and North Africa and the former USSR has been reportedly suppressed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). UFO theorists are up to know and spread the truth behind the hundreds of declassified CIA documents concerning UFO Sightings and other extraterrestrial movements.

UFO Sighting reports have been uncovered from the 800,000 declassified paper documents release by the CIA online, according to The Sun. This follows the implementation of Freedom of Information Act following after activist pressured authorities to give up their resistance.

However, the top said important papers did not only contain information and eye-opening discussions on Uri Geller, Nazi War criminals, Fidel Castro assassination and Cold War surveillance. It also holds the reports regarding UFO Sightings and early study about suspicious movements of the unidentified floating objects.

Some of the UFO reports are directives from the upper CIA bosses that took over the agency in the previous years. One UFO has emphasized the importance of rapid response to any UFO sightings because it amounts as a matter of national security. These UFO sightings follow the four phases of air defense:

  • Detection
  • Identification
  • Interception
  • Destruction

The CIA-UFO declassified reports also revealed that the existing "The Unidentified Flying Object Program" has put all US Air Force (USAF) commanders to adhere to strict guidelines. These guidelines call for immediate reporting of all UFO sightings, Mirror wrote. Moreover, it has also been a requirement for CIA men to contain data points and all accessible details on the look of the object to asses if they are UFOs. This includes size, color, sounds and any unusual feature present in the suspected UFO.

Meanwhile, Conspiracy Theorists Tyler Glockner claim that when it comes to the CIA, suspicion should be exercise since they are infamous for keeping secrets, lying and ousting dictators. More importantly, because these reports are being made to the public.

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