Apple Not Rushing Into Foldable Smartphone [VIDEO]


Following the news about the upcoming release of Samsung's foldable smartphone, rumors about Apple turning to foldable smartphone began circulating. The Cupertino-based company has already decided to change the screen technology for the iPhones but did not mention or confirm a foldable screen display.

The recent reports suggesting that Japan Display is currently doing their own research on bendable screen displays that they could supply to Apple has become the basis of the rumored iPhone 8 with a foldable display. However, since the production of the flexible LCD screens will start in 2018 thus the bendable iPhone 8 may not be possible when it hits release this year. As previously reported, this year's iPhone will have an OLED display.

Another reason to not expect Apple to turn into a foldable smartphone is that they are known for not rushing into things that they want to do. Although the idea may not seem to be impossible. With the rumored shortage in the supply of the OLED display, which was described by Sharp's CEO as a crisis, Apple might resort to using a different technology. As per Tai Jeng-Wu, Sharp's president, the crisis may also lead to an opportunity, Business Insider reported.

With the scarcity of OLED screen supply, Apple has started conducting their own research on the possible use of flexible display using an LCD screen that they can use in the next iPhone models, BGR reported. Knowing Apple's standards when it comes to the innovation of their products, they may need to make a long-term plan because if they use the flexible display, they will have to return to the LCD technology.

When it comes to the supply of the displays for the Apple iPhones, it is likely that Apple will not be working with Samsung alone. The company may have to deal with another supplier so to avoid giving too much information about their product to their rival company. Besides, dealing with another supplier may help boost the financial benefits of the competition.

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