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‘The Ring’ Prank Is A Conventional Way To Promote The Movie [VIDEO]


Who could have forgotten the effect of the early 2000's horror movie "The Ring?" Most likely, none of those who have seen the film could forget the creepy girl coming out of the TV screen. Now, what if the by any chance someone for some important reason has staged a prank showing the girl named Sadako from "The Ring."

These past few days, a clip of a scary prank showing Sadako coming out of the TV display inside an appliance store began circulating online. It was certainly a brilliant prank and it seems legit that all of the people at the store thought Sadako is real.The clip was posted by Paramount Pictures on their official YouTube account. Unknown to everyone, there is an important purpose behind the terrifying "The Ring" prank.

The prank is a new conventional way to promote the upcoming sequel of "The Ring" which was simply titled "Rings," NDTV reported. Paramount's newly applied approach towards promoting a film was both praised and criticized but it is one perfect way to let everyone know that Sadako is coming back to scare everyone out. It is also another way to remember the creepy woman from the movie who is killing people who are watching a clip from a videotape.

The "Rings" has been delayed many times. It was originally scheduled for Nov. 15, 2015. Then, it was moved for another two times and was finally set to hit theaters on Feb. 3, 2017, MovieWeb reported. Now, a lot of fans are wondering if the delays were all worth it. Sure enough, the released trailer may likely prove that it is and it is surely going to be a scary sequel.

Note that the upcoming "Rings" film is not a reboot or remake of the first release as it will be a whole new chapter and a new story. It will focus on the young woman's horrifying discovery that she sacrificed her life to save her boyfriend. Viewers are expected to discover more when it finally hits the theater.

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