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Selena Gomez Shows Footage of New Netflix Project [VIDEO]


On her Instagram account, actress/singer Selena Gomez shared the first trailer for upcoming series, "13 Reasons Why" where she is an executive producer. The TV series centers on Hannah, a high school student who tells the 13 reasons why she committed suicide.

With Selena Gomez being the most followed personality on Instagram with 108 million followers, the TV series will definitely get a lot of viewers when it debuts on Netflix, via streaming, starting on March 31. The series is based on Jay Asher's best-selling novel of the same name, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The trailer begins with Hannah leaning against a locker telling the viewers about the story of her life and how it met an untimely demise. The video then shifts to a character who had a crush on Hannah Clay. He receives a box full of cassette tapes and delivers them to 12 students. In those tapes, Hannah tells them why they had a role in her committing suicide, as reported by Variety.

When Selena Gomez first read the novel, she was able to relate to the story as she had anxiety disorders when she was a child. She eventually teamed up with her mother along with Anonymous Content to bring the novel to the small screen. She is not acting in the TV series though as she is solely an Executive Producer.

Selena Gomez also revealed the tagline for the TV series to be "If you're listening, you're too late." The TV series stars Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker and Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen. It was directed by Oscar Winner Tom McCarthy of Spotlight fame.

Check out this video containing news about "13 Reasons Why", which is the new project of Selena Gomez. The short clip also tackles the reasons why this is a TV series that is highly recommended:

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