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College Campuses Overtaken by ‘Victimhood’ Culture, Says New Book


Today's colleges have fostered a culture of "victimhood," where identity politics, microaggression, and trigger warnings characterize campuses, a new book alleges. "No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination," a book written by former University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student Scott Greer, investigates what its author calls as "the flare-up of identity politics" inside college campuses, USA Today College reported.

Greer, who now works as a reporter for the Daily Caller focusing on issues surrounding campus free speech, curriculum and the growing push for more diversity in academe, arrived at this viewpoint after studying in college and not seeing all of those issues as frequent as they are right now.

Greer says that while he was studying, he never witnesses trigger warnings, or experienced another student shouting at him to "check" his privilege. Now, he says, his old campus newspaper features trigger warnings and "meltdowns over pro-Trump chalk marks."

Identity politics, Greer alleges, creates a "moral hierarchy" that ranks or categorizes students, teachers and curricula based on non-academic and amoral characteristics like race, gender, and class. He says it is "radically changing" how education is conducted, and how views are expressed, both on campus.

Identity politics and victimhood culture, Greer says, have taken over college campuses and are beginning to suppress free speech.

Greer says he was also motivated to look into what drives this "campus insanity" after comparing his college experience with those students younger than him. He added that he was motivated to write the book after seeing the campus climate quickly evolve, as he has observed while writing on issues about it.

In the book, he writes a number of topics including what he calls "the cult of diversity" and "political correctness in the age of microaggressions." And yes, the title "No Campus For White Men" is intentional, because, according to Greer, there's no institutional discrimination against white men.

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