HTC Releasing Vive Fitness Tracker: Wearable May Serve As Add-On For The VR Headset


Plenty of fitness trackers are already available in the market and HTC is about to add one more wearable device to the pile. The company is reportedly planning to release a Vive-branded fitness tracker.

The Vive-branded fitness tracker recently passed testing at the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC. The wearable device is said to have a circular shape and health tracking sensors, including a heart rate monitor, on its back, according to The Leaker.

In addition, HTC's Vive fitness tracker bears the model number 2PYV100 and is equipped with RF antennas for wireless connectivity.

The Vive fitness tracker's FCC certification means that it's nearing completion and launch. There's a huge possibility that the wearable will be released at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in February in Barcelona.

The Vive branding of HTC's rumored fitness tracker is interesting. HTC is probably planning big things for its first full-fledged smartwatch, and the device's Vive label may do more than the standard Android Wear smartwatches or fitness trackers currently out in the market.

HTC may be planning to use the fitness tracker as an add-on to the virtual reality headset. This month, the company launched its 10cm-wide accessory, the Vive Tracker, that can be attached to devices such as a DSLR camera. Once it is attached, the Vive Tracker will act as a VR controller that links with the headset's tracking tech. Of course, this is speculation at the moment and an official announcement from HTC is yet to be had about the matter.

HTC already has wearable devices (the UA Health Box and UA Band) released last year, but a steadfast smartwatch is still missing from the company's product lineup. That doesn't mean there are no rumors, though. There's the HTC Halfbeak smartwatch, which was called Petra and One Wear in the past.

The HTC Halfbeak will reportedly have a round watch design and a size that comes close to the Samsung Gear S3 or Moto 360, which means it could measure around 42mm in diameter, according to Pocket-lint.

The wearable device is expected to have a 360 x 360-pixel resolution, an attachable charging plate and two buttons on its right side. Other rumored specs of the HTC Halfbeak are 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage and with Android Wear 2.0 as its operating system.

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