Android Wear 2.0 News & Update: Developers Can Now Test Their Applications Through The Developer Preview [VIDEO]


Despite the delayed release of the Android Wear 2.0, many believe that the developers had made the right decision and is worth the wait. The delayed release has paved a way to creating better specs and features of the device. In addition, the company had ample time to let the application developers to test their apps before its release.

The Android Wear 2.0 is expected to support iOS and other standalone applications that also work on iPhones but do not necessarily require a companion phone. Now, while the company is waiting for the release, they had launched the final Developer preview. This is to give the developers some time to develop more applications compatible to the newly updated platform.

All application developers for iOS and Android are encouraged to contribute applications that will be compiled and added to the Google Play Store once the Android Wear 2.0 becomes available. Through the Developer preview, developers can access the program that will give them all the things they will need to start working on applications for the next Android Wear. Through the program, the developers can also create applications for iPhones that would also support the android watches, Digital Trends reported.

The Android Wear developer has a program that will run until the final release of the Android Wear to the public. So, those developers who would want to partake in the creation of applications for the Android Wear 2.0, they may start right away by downloading the resources. The program highlights include the following:

  •  Hardware emulators
  •  New behavior and capabilities
  •  Latest platform code
  •  Feedback and support
  •  Priority for developer issues

With the help of the Android Wear developer preview, developers can now start submitting their newly created applications. However, before submission, they might want to test their existing applications on different hardware configurations as it is also included in the preview. Note that the preview includes the following to better help the developers.

  •  Developer resources
  •  Hardware System images
  •  Documentation and sample code
  •  Support resources

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