‘Gotham City Sirens’ Update: Joker Getting Bigger Role [VIDEO]


In a response to a fan praising "Suicide Squad," director David Ayer posted a picture of gratitude to the fan and expressed regret on how Joker did not see much screen time. Because of that, there is a huge possibility the Joker will have a bigger role in "Gotham City Sirens" since Ayer is also directing that movie.

According to Movie Pilot, Jared Leto gave a hint that he will return to the big screen to reprise his role as Joker when he posted a picture on his Twitter account a picture of the villainous clown. It hasn't been confirmed whether or not that will happen at "Gotham City Sirens" or "Suicide Squad 2" though.

Fans did not like the fact that Ayer will also direct "Gotham City Sirens" after the negative criticism that "Suicide Squad" received. However, it is important to note that Ayer is also capable of making good movies since "Fury" and "End of Watch" were well-received by critics.

In related news, director Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn Smith is interested in playing a young Harley Quinn in "Gotham City Sirens." It is very ironic considering her father named her after the DC Comics character. She recently made her small screen debut in a small role at "Supergirl."

Kevin Smith said in a statement that he told his agent that if ever a young Harley Quinn will appear in the big screen especially in "Gotham City Sirens" then he wants his daughter to play the role. His daughter did say that she would love to play any comic book villain in the small screen or the big screen. She is graduating from high school later this year and she has sent a notice to the CW Network that she is available for more roles, as reported by Comic Book.

Check out this fan-made trailer of "Gotham City Sirens", a movie that is scheduled to begin production this year:

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