Oracle Adds A Crucial Piece Of Enterprise Technology, To Boost Cloud Offerings


In a move to build the most comprehensive API integration technology in the market, Oracle this week has acquired an enterprise API startup Apiary, which specializes in managing and monitoring application programming interfaces (APIs).

Oracle Adds Apiary And Build API Division
According to TechCrunch, Oracle has just announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Apiary for an undisclosed amount. Founded in 2011, Apiary has pioneered an increasingly important piece of tech known as an APIFlow solution that spans the API creation lifecycle, including governance, testing, and documentation, while supporting OpenAPI industry and API Blueprint standards.

Oracle acquired the API startup to deliver the most comprehensive API management platform in the cloud today. The acquisition comes two days after Oracle announced a major cloud expansion, according to Silicon Angle.

The Importance of API
The availability of API management tools means that developer can now build its own application by combining already available mini-applications.

This piece of crucial technology enables companies and developers to use existing apps as building blocks for their own software applications.

Fortunately, software and cloud companies are getting big help from major cloud providers when dealing with those APIs interactions.

Last year, Google acquired a similar company when it acquired API management startup Apigee, which offers predictive analytics and API management.

Oracle To Beef Up Cloud Offerings And Take On Rivals
Oracle has always been playing catch up with major cloud providers when it comes to the cloud computing. However, after years of intense development and some strategically important acquisitions, the database giant is now ready to take on the market leaders, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

This week, Oracle host a cloud event in New York City and also explained the company's cloud strategy, which includes beefing up cloud resources and opening three more new data centers in Virginia, London and Turkey.

Oracle currently offers the company's very own Oracle API Integration Cloud, which allows companies to secure, consume, monetize, and analyze APIs.

With Apiary on board, Oracle will now able to provide customers an even more advanced capability to design and govern their APIs, allowing companies to manage the entire API lifecycle and deliver integrated applications.

In addition to the advanced API capabilities, Oracle's customers will also have unique access to a more comprehensive API Integration Cloud, providing the customers with increased business agility and business control.

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