Microsoft Boosts Microsoft Dynamics 365 With Newly Added Features & Capabilities


Redmon-based Microsoft is beefing up its Microsoft Dynamic 365 Portal, the company's cloud-based CRM customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) business application service, with a new search experience that allows users to refine their searches to obtain the most relevant and right information. Microsoft made the huge announcement earlier this year.

According to eWeek, the software giant has upgraded the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal, which now allows users to fine-tune the portal's search functionality, allowing users to narrow down the search term and get the answers faster.

For starters, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based intelligent business application service launched by Microsoft in July 2016 under the codename 'Madeira'. Microsoft Dynamic 365 is another step in the company's cloud-first strategy that combined its cloud CRM and ERP services into a single offering platform, the Microsoft Dynamics 365. The new platform now includes new-purpose-business applications and functionality that can be used to manage specific business functions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal Will Have A Huge Facelift This Year

Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal is getting a huge facelift this year, which include new entity filters to the portal's global search box and a new navigation-friendly feature to result in pages.

In addition to the expanded search functionality, Microsoft has also announced that it will be expanding its roster of languages supported by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal to 43 languages, allowing multinational organizations to reach more of their employees.

This capability will allow IT people to use the company's translation technologies to create copies of their content in the desired language. It will also allow organizations to deliver business information across several languages while only having to maintain a single content hierarchy.

The complete overview on configuring and managing multi-language Microsoft Dynamics 365 portals can be read at Microsoft's blog post.

Learning Path Features Is Now Available On Microsoft Dynamics 365

The software giant is also adding another big feature to its next -generation cloud-based intelligent business application service. Microsoft is adding the Learning Path feature, a new Microsoft Azure Cloud platform service that delivers contextually-rich walkthrough, training, and videos.

According to MS Power User, the new feature will help IT people to discover new features and become familiar with new forms of business processes. This can be useful for the organization because it reduces the training time and costs, allowing the users to quickly become productive using the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The new tool will also allow users to deliver custom content specific to the role assigned to them, and even publish different content to different organizations.

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