Karma Drone Not Yet Dead, GoPro Re-Launching This Year; New GoPro Karma Core Revealed [VIDEO]


The Karma Drone is not yet dead and is set to fly again as GoPro's press release indicated that the device will be re-launched at the latter part of the year. Moreover, GoPro has just updated its website listing a new product called the GoPro Karma Core, which is a replacement for partially damaged Karma drone lacking an arm or landing gear.

The Karma Drone was launched in September 2016 retailing at $799. Weeks after, GoPro was plagued by complaints that the drones were literally falling from the sky and posing hazards to those on the ground.

GoPro immediately recalled all the 2,500 units that were sold and revealed that a mechanical problem was experienced in relation the drone's battery. The recall was the final straw to an already financially-stricken GoPro.

The company's stock prices continued to plummet down last year leading to two rounds of layoffs with the last one sending 15 percent of the staff packing. However, a recent press release by GoPro revealed that the company is poised to resurrect the Karma Drone with a re-launch date at the latter part of the year, according to The Verge.

GoPro is currently completing the process of testing the Karma drone to get back to flying form. As to the official details behind the problem leading to the recall and its subsequent fix, GoPro will provide more details by early February.

Though GoPro has been overrun by its competitors in the drone market, the company is attempting to salvage what it can from the Karma Drone fiasco. In the meantime, the company has just updated its website, listing a new product called the GoPro Karma Core, SingleTrackWorld reported.

The new product claims to be a "complete replacement" for any partially-damaged Karma Drone with an arm or landing gear that can no longer be fixed. The GoPro Karma core full assembly includes the main body, arms and landing gear.

The new listing is indicative that GoPro may have fixed the mechanical problem of the crashing Karma drone. The new GoPro Karma Core retails at around $349 while the full Karma drone set-up complete with the GoPro Hero 5 camera is priced at around $1,239.

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