Intel Kaby Lake Core Release And Specs; Budget Pentium With Hyper-Threading Boosting Real-World Performance [VIDEO]


Intel Kaby Lake Core processors are now released in U.K. starting last Jan. 17 with new features like Optane memory, better overclocking and advanced graphics. Moreover, Intel's Pentium series now features Hyper-Threading, which was only in high-end chips, but is now available in low-end processors to entice budget shoppers to upgrade.

Intel Kaby Lake Core i3, i5 and i7 processors are available for desktops and laptops in the U.S. The chipsets have been released in U.K. starting last Jan. 17 and are now on sale in Overclockers UK, Scan and other retailers.

Intel Kaby Lake Core Features

The best features of the latest Core architecture particularly the 200 series chipsets include Optane memory, which enables devices with traditional hard drives perform like they have the latest Solid-State Drives (SSDs). Intel Kaby Lake processors also have better overclocking with a 300MHz base frequency boost over Skylake, its predecessor.

It also has an improved control over Turbo Boost, giving the core processors 25 percent increase in speed, though benchmarking results show no significant difference from the sixth generation Skylake according to PC Advisor. Moreover, the Intel Kaby Lake Core 'U' series also include better graphics with the Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPUs integrated.

Intel Kaby Lake Budget Pentium Series

Intel just recently announced its newest array of Pentium-class CPUs based on Intel Kaby Lake. This includes the very first Pentium SKUs to have Hyper-Threading support since Pentium 4 was retired by the company.

In 2006, Pentium was used for lower-end processors with few features and low clock speeds. With the advent of the Intel Kaby Lake, the CPU giant is changing the feature set by adding Hyper-Threading in The Pentium G4600, Pentium G4620, Pentium G4560 and even the power-saving "T" versions, PC-World has learned.

Hyper-Threading in the Intel Kaby Lake delegates unused portions of the CPUs to other tasks. In doing so, the CPUs get a real-world performance by 15 to 20 percent boost that is clearly noticeable and what most consumers will likely have an interest on, Extreme Tech reported.

Observers say that the added feature in the Pentium CPUs based on Intel Kaby lake is prompted by the imminent launching of the AMD Ryzen. Intel's move to offer something substantial to the CPU market will be an added enticement to budget shoppers to upgrade.

This marketing ploy for the Intel Kaby Lake Pentium chips comes at a perfect time for AMD may yet reveal a low-end knockout Ryzen with a much budget-friendly price. As of present, AMD is reported to be aiming to rival the high-echelon CPUs of Intel.

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