Harvard Junior Receives 7 Internship offers from Google, Apple and Facebook, Here's How She Did It


The interview is one of the job-hunting steps that many applicants fear the most. In fact, according to Reed, 60% of the candidates feel pressured before this dreaded day but it does not have to feel so frightening at all. A Harvard University junior, Jessica Pointing has received internship offers from Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley because of the way she aced her interviews.

Pointing is a computer science and physics major and she received various offers for roles in various fields including software engineering, data science, product management and many others.

Here are the tips Pointing shared with Business Insider.

Do your own research

According to Pointing, she makes sure she studies certain materials that will help her prepare for the interview because she treats them like a class where she needs to come in prepared for. She also takes time to practice before the actual interview.

Adopt a problem solving mindset

For Pointing, it is important to be guided by a certain flow or format to answer questions especially when it comes to engineering interviews. This helps her ensure that she mention everything that is needed for a successful interview.

Practice before the interview

Pointing emphasizes the importance of practicing in an interview setting before the actual one. She also said that students should take advantage of mock interviews being run at school.

Invest time for a successful interview

Pointing invested a lot of time not only in practicing, but also in travelling across the country for her interviews. She makes sure she allots some of her time each day for practicing and made it a routine.

Collect interview questions and solutions

Pointing suggests that each time a student finishes an interview, they should write down the interview questions as well as the answers or solutions so that it will be easier and quicker for you to answer similar questions next time.

Be prepared for common behavioral questions

Pointing says your technical knowledge and skills are not the only things that hiring managers will be looking into. She said that you also have to be prepared to answer questions to your soft skills or behavioral skills.

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