How to Make the Last Semester Count for College-Bound Students


For high school seniors, the last semester is very critical. This is the last few months you can spend with friends you have been with for years. It is also the the time when you create and leave a legacy for your class and your school, and of course, a time when some of life's major decisions will have to be made.

While the countdown begins for seniors and start to make "last time" memories that you can cherish for a , you also have to make sure that your last semester in high school count and worthwhile by doing the following to prepare you before going to college.

Start searching and applying for scholarships

This is the perfect time to look and apply for college scholarships according to US News, and you do not have to lose hope because the deadline for college applications is sometimes different from that of the scholarships that students can apply for.

Pick your college

This is a time when you need to begin attending open houses in universities or you can do another round of campus tour, according to Bentley University. Choosing a college is a decision that can make a big impact in your life so you have to make sure you are making a right one.

Continue to keep your grades high

Remember that your senior grades are still important and there are times when they are also being considered when it comes to your acceptance to some highly selective colleges and universities.

Start embracing college

Once you have decided where you are going for college, you can start doing more research about it so you can embrace your soon-to-be new home and campus. This will also help you realize that college is way different than high school so you have to be prepared for that too.

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