Evernote 8.0 Update for iOS Brings Back Speed And Simplicity To Your Home Screens [Video]


Evernote rolled out an update to iOS app recently. The major update brings a fresh Users interface (UI) focusing on quick search, easy note creation, and colorful customization.

In an effort to win back customers it lost in the last few years, the new Evernote 8.0 has been released in the App Store available for download for all iOS devices. Evernote 8.0s most notable change is its improved performance, providing users faster ways to find notes. It now also provide ample customization options, according to Phone Arena.

Evernote 8.0 features

The new Evernote 8.0 features a UI refresh that according to ZDNet, already proves to be valuable after only an hour or so into use. Upon launch, the main display presents the user with the most recently updated notes. A center button is present allowing users to create new notes with a single tap or a new audio, photo, or reminder note with a tap-hold-swipe.

Added features for searching include tags and reminders, which work well when users are used to organizing notes. Text can now be stylized in three font sizes and colored as the user desires. There are several pre-defined text colors and font sizes available for users to choose from. Additionally, Evernote 8.0 Business users will now find it easier to switch between their business and personal accounts with ease.

Evernote 8.0 functionality

To sum it all up, the Evernote 8.0 redesign focused on four functionalities:

  •  Faster ways to find notes
  •  Creating new notes is only a tap away
  •  Stylize notes by adding color and style
  •  Separate business and personal accounts

Overall navigation has been improved too by eliminating the home screen. Instead, Evernote 8.0 launches from where the user left off. All other features are tucked in the UI so they are less prominent, creating less distractions when in use.

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