‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Trailer, Characters & Spoilers: Questions Plague Heroine Aloy’s Mission


A new cinematic trailer for Guerilla Games' "Horizon: Zero Dawn" has landed this week. The trailer re-introduces a wrecked, gloomy post-apocalyptic world where evil warriors control the globe's robots.

Locating the big baddies appears to be the primary arc of "Horizon: Zero Dawn." A game info from PlayStation is asking for the evil warriors' identities and where do they get the power to control the world's machines. Another big question is who will help Aloy, the game's heroine, fight the warriors, according to GamesRadar. Watch the new "Horizon: Zero Dawn" trailer below.

A story trailer for "Horizon: Zero Dawn" was also released this week. In the video, "Fringe" and "The Wire" actor Lance Reddick was seen playing a mysterious character that will cross paths with Aloy. Reddick voiced other video game characters in the past, such as in "Destiny" and "Quantum Break."

Reddick's character appears as a hologram in the story trailer's 1:24 mark. He told Aloy that she has "come a long way since the citadel." Aloy, however, tells him that she has no idea who he is, to which he responds with, "An interested party." You can watch the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" story trailer here.

Developer Guerilla Games intentionally withholds details about the game's characters and world. They want "Horizon: Zero Dawn" to be a fresh experience for players and at the same time, encourage them to explore the post-apocalyptic world and seek the answers to the questions in their minds, according to GameSpot.

The story trailer of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" shows Aloy's need to get out of the Sacred Land to look for the villains. In the video, Aloy declares that she has seen the group's menacing leader, who resembles the "God of War" anti-hero Kratos.

Scenes from the game were showcased in the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" story trailer. The world established by "Horizon: Zero Dawn" has decaying and rusted towers crawling with ivy and leaves. Robots' corruption was evident in how red smoke float from their bodies.

There was also a robotic pterodactyl flying over a wasteland, and an enormous brontosaurus-like creature was seen pacing the grounds. Also shown was another gigantic robot that looks capable of leveling buildings. It's safe to assume that this atrocity has a weakness located presumably in its core.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" will roll out to the public on Feb. 28 exclusively for PlayStation 4. It was originally slated for a 2016 release but got delayed to this year. What do you think of the game's cinematic trailer? Share your thoughts below!

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