Nintendo Switch Review: Reportedly Not Worth the Price, Has ‘Useless’ Games; PS4 is Reportedly Better [VIDEO]


Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated game console of the year because of its characteristic as a 2-in-1 gaming console. However, many have expressed their disappointments after its official launching. Is it true that Nintendo Switch is a great console but games are utterly useless? Let's find out the truth!

How Does the 2-in-1 Gaming Console Work?

Nintendo Switch is said to be unique on its own ways because of its nature as handheld/console hybrid. According to The Sun, the newest console deviates from the traditional consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 and feels more like an iPad and tablet where the 6.2-inch tablet with 720p HD resolution is the main section.

Furthermore, Nintendo Switch is also said to be similar with Nintendo 3DS most especially when it is enjoyed with the two small gamepads called Joy-Con controllers that comes in a colorful version - neon red for the right and neon blue for the left. These colors are presumed to be the representation of Nintendo Switch playfulness.

Nintendo Switch is considered versatile because the console can be played and enjoyed in three ways - handheld mode, tabletop mode and console mode. According to PC Advisor, the handheld mode is what makes Nintendo Switch unique compared to PS4 and Xbox One because of the portable gaming experience it offers when combined with the Joy-Con controllers.

The tabletop mode is what makes Nintendo Switch cool through a built-in kickstand that enables the players to play even when the controllers are separated. The most common one is the console mode where Nintendo Switch needs to be docked and play games on TV from 720p to full 1080p HD.

Nintendo Switch Games Lineup is Totally Disappointing

The fans are disappointed upon knowing that Nintendo Switch has only four confirmed launched games in which two of them are new such as "Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild" and "1-2 Switch" while the other two are both family oriented games released last year such as "Skylanders Imaginators" and "Just Dance 2017".

It can be recalled that Nintendo promises the fans about the 80 games coming to Nintendo Switch. However, fans are advised to wait until December for the Mario game called "Super Mario Odyssey" and others as well.


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