Here’s What Google, Apple and Microsoft Should Do to Compete with Amazon Alexa [VIDEO]


It cannot be deny that Amazon has dominated the artificial intelligence industry today with Alexa that first appeared in Amazon Echo. Unexpectedly, three tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft still not an inch closer to the success of the e-commerce company but here's what they should do to catch up! See full details here!

Amazon Dominates Artificial Intelligence Industry with Echo and Alexa

Amazon Echo appears to be the best-selling item in for the year 2016 with an estimated 6 million devices sold. According to Digital Trends, Amazon also dominates in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first week of January provided that companies like LG, Ford and GE and other manufacturers have announced gadgets, home appliances and cars that connects to Alexa.

Accordingly, Alexa has dominated the industry without shedding much sweat because it remains unchallenged until now by rivals Google, Apple and Microsoft. And the very reason why Amazon leads is because it does not oversell their Echo products unlike Apple when consumers started to get bored with Siri.

So how should Google, Apple and Microsoft strategize to be able to catch up with Amazon Alexa in the market? According to Business Insider, the search giant should integrate Google Assistant to the android phones because android users are just everywhere and second, Google should invest more in researching since they are already good in delivering answers like what most digital assistant do.

In the case of Apple, it is advisable for them to put up all the pieces of the puzzle because they already have sold 1 billion devices and added to that is Apple Music, Siri, Beats and many others. Accordingly, Apple could deliver a very intuitive user interface if they could combine those.

For Microsoft, the Windows-maker company has already planned to make Cortana a digital assistant for businesses and busy professionals. Also, the company is looking forward to invest more in Artificial Intelligence and could later come up with a voice assistant that could handle human-like conversations. 

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