Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus: Comparison Result Makes Decision To Convert To Android Easier [VIDEO]


There have been previous reports suggesting that the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus have some factors that are just the same which makes converting to Android phone now an easy decision. Check it out.

The Google Pixel XL is just around for a short period of time but it had already gained popularity among smartphone users. The recent reviews have proved that the newly released smartphone has so much to offer. When the Pixel XL is compared to the iPhone 7 Plus, many people say that it is as good as the Apple smartphone. Let's check the factors that makes the Pixel XL a winning Android smartphone.


Both handsets have an excellent designs as they both have fingerprint sensors but there are factors that the other stands out like the weight where the Pixel XL's stands out as it has light weight. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 Plus is bigger and slimmer, Pocket-lint reported.

Intelligent Personal Assistant

According to Fox News, Google XL's Google Assistant performs better than Siri as it is able to provide concise, informative and relevant answers, while Siri simply provide search results.


Base on the reviews, the Google smartphone outperforms the iPhone 7 Plus as it can capture excellent images with its HDR plus mode.


As for the processor, they both carry a high-performance processor that only differs with exclusivity as the A10 fusion chip is exclusive to Apple while Snapdragon is for Android phones. The storage options are the same as they offer 32 GB to 128 GB, though the iPhone 7 Plus offers up to 256GB.

User Experience

With Apple's years of experience in creating smartphones, they had somehow learned to apply better user experience toward their devices unlike the Pixel XL which is one of the first smartphone made by Google. There's always room for improvement though.


No matter how the device outperforms its competitor, the decision to convert from Android to iPhone or vice versa lies in the hands of the users. There are some who prefers design over performance while others prefer the other way around. Both devices offer the best quality anyway.

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