Rice University's Berlin Wall Defaced With Pro-Donald Trump Vandals


Part of a memorial of the Berlin Wall at Rice University was defaced with pro-Donald Trump vandals. Two cases of vandalism were found on Friday at the school's campus.

Chron reported that Rice University police department has already started investigation on the vandals. "#DeportSpanos" and "TRUMP BABY!" were two examples of the sentiments spray-painted on a mural that was attached to the side of the Moody Center shipping containers, which was removed on Friday afternoon.

Rice University's portion of the Berlin Wall was defaced with "Aloha!" and "Trump 2016." The memorial, which became a permanently fixture last 2000, is located in front of the school's Baker Institute for Public Policy.

On Friday, Rice University senior media director B.J. Almond said that they will be covering the Berlin Wall. This is until a professional art conservator can remove the vandals.

According to The Rice Thresher, Moody Student Collaborative chair Heather Wright expressed her disappointment at the vandalism acts. She stated that she did not want to see words like "Trump Baby" and "Deport Spanos" on something that was a reminder of diversity and inclusion.

It was also noted that a student saw two unidentified individuals in Fondren Library wearing clothing which may have had swastika symbols last November. The university was still investigating the reported incident.

Last month, a Nassau Community College student was arrested for alleged vandalism. Jasskirta Saini, 20, was said to have drawn swastikas and other anti-Semitic images in the school.

Saini has been arraigned on 12 counts of aggravated harassment. It was revealed that the hate messages he wrote included swastikas, Germany, KKK and Hitler. Officials confirmed that Saini drew the graffiti and other vandals in the school's G building on Friday, Dec. 17. Two fresh messages were found on Dec. 16 while some were dated back in October.

Apparently, the culprit did the act because he felt that he was being harassed by the Jewish community in Plainview. Saini used black and blue magic markers to draw the anti-Semitic images and comments.

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