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University Of Glasgow Issues Trigger Warning On Images Of Christ's Crucifixion


Theology students at the University of Glasgow were given trigger warnings about distressing images on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The school has provided students with a chance to leave if ever they feel that the photos can upset them.

According to the Daily Mail, experts believe that the University of Glasgow may have taken trigger warnings a bit too far. The commotion about schools being politically correct has sparked a debate about how students would learn if colleges and universities always give them the leeway to opt out of a potentially upsetting course that challenges their beliefs or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Advocates of the idea, on the other hand, believe that trigger warnings are important to protect the mental health of students. This is especially intended for vulnerable students such as those who have had traumatic experiences.

Critics are worried that it may be creating a generation of "snowflake" students. These are the ones who are unable to cope with the harsh events happening in the real world.

The University of Glasgow confirmed that it did issue trigger warnings to theology students for the class named "Creation to Apocalypse: Introduction to the Bible (Level 1)." The course is focused on Jesus Christ which has graphic images of the crucifixion.

The school has issued trigger warnings on veterinary students who are tasked to work with dead animals. Those studying "contemporary society" are also given a heads up about the topics illness and violence that they will encounter in class.

RT noted that Scottish Tory education spokesperson Liz Smith has said that universities were designed to be places of learning where ideas are challenged and where tricky subjects are to be discussed and even debated. She described some examples of trigger warnings as "patently ridiculous."

The issue of trigger warnings is also a point of debate in the United States. One professor from New York University was even suspended for going on a tirade against political correctness and student coddling.

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