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Google Classroom Focuses More On Personalized Education


Google Classroom has rolled out their new updates which will focus more on personalized learning. Through these updates, Google aims to improve the experience of educators, students, and administrators. For the students' part, the personalized learning is taken to a whole new level.

In the official Google blog, the people behind Google Classroom acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kind of teaching. Thus, they are introducing a feature that will make personalized learning more personalized through what they call as differentiated learning.

What happens in this type of learning is that each student will now receive assignments that are based on their individual needs.That means, the entire class will not get the same assignments or questions but rather each of them will have a unique task allowing them to focus on a certain subject or topic which they need to develop more. On the other hand, teachers will be able to give their students more attention. It also allows them to easily give a follow-up or extension activity to a student who is struggling on a certain subject.

Teachers will also receive new benefits from the new update because Google Classroom is introducing two new types of notification system - when students submit their assignment late and when they resubmit their work. This will make it easier for teachers to manage everything and keep them organized.

Even administrators can benefit from this new update because it will be much easier to track down their metrics. Starting on January 11, administrators will be able to view classroom data on the Admin Console Reports allowing them to see what is happening in the classroom. Through this tools, Google Classroom hopes to provide more insights to administrators in order for them to create the best possible strategy for their students and teachers.

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