5 Education Podcasts That Would Boost Your Knowledge Bank

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Aside from books and other traditional avenues, podcasts are now a great source for learning whether you are an educator or a student. Here are five educational podcasts that have left quite an impression on us.

Life 101

Established by former Professor of the Year, Michael Wesch, Life 101 takes a look at the life of college students including their loneliness, self-doubts, passions, and the messiness of college life. Unfortunately, Wesch has only done one episode so far but he said that he is currently working on new episodes that he will launch in August this year. Meanwhile, if you haven't checked this out, check it out.

Pushing the Edge

Greg Curran, the brains behind this podcast, is an educational consultant, whose passion is to bring more innovation to education by exploring all types of technologies and innovations. In the process, he finds out what is effective and what is not in the classroom. Listen to this podcast and listen, not only to Curran, but to some of the most innovative minds in education.

Teachers Talking Tech

Whether you are a K-12 teacher or a university professor, this podcast will let you in on the newest news and innovation on education technology as well as how you can integrate it effectively in the classroom. The podcast is short and sweet - only 10 minutes - but packed with practical wisdom and information.

Stanford Innovation Lab

Tina Seelig, a professor at Stanford's department of science and engineering, hosts this podcast which tackles topics about entrepreneurship and other interesting topics. One episode we particularly like was Patricia Ryan Madson's Embracing Crazy Ideas where she shares the power of improvisation.

Revisionist History

Hosted by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, the podcast tackles a lot of topics and subjects which are not just about education. However, those which focus on education are worth listening to as Gladwell does not pull any punches on some of the most controversial topics.

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