Square Enix's Latest Moves Adds Confusion To The 'Final Fantasy XV' Gamers


A recent discovery in Final Fantasy XV enabled some players to venture to those usual areas where they discovered that those areas seem to be unfinished yet. Players speculated that these might be part of an unannounced expansion plan.

According to DualShockers, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata has promised further evolution for the game, which will go beyond the extensive update plan that has been previously announced.

Square Enix Won't Talk About The Future Expansion
Square Enix has already released the first DLC of their open-world RPG Final Fantasy XV from an extensive and rather an expensive season pass. The upcoming update will even provide more features, like a multiplayer gameplay mode. Tabata has also teased avid fans about the addition an avatar system, which will enable players to develop their own characters.

Most of the players believe that the recently discovered glitch in the game could be part of what Square Enix have been working on. At this time, it still no official words or announcement yet from Square Enix about the future expansion of "Final Fantasy XV." This has created lots of buzz on the gaming circle.

Square Enix Might Be Working On Unannounced Expansion
Some players have speculated that the glitch found in the game might belong from the yet-to-be-announced expansion. The tech blog Ubergizmo has made some good analysis on this. According to Ubergizmo, Square Enix might be planning for this unannounced expansion even before "Final Fantasy XV" was released.

Additionally, Director Tabata has previously announced that his team is planning on improving the scale of and releasing time-limited mob hunts in an upcoming "Final fantasy XV DLC. Tabata has also added earlier that he would like to someday develop virtual reality-based content for the game.

The words about the unannounced expansion are extremely intriguing for the fans and have left them hanging in the mid-air. In addition, Square Enix has also announced earlier that it will have an Active Time Report broadcast.

Unfortunately, the developer did not provide many details about the stage of the game's development by this venue. Also, the broadcast date has not been announced yet. These all stories have just added to the fan's confusion and anger.

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