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‘Pokémon Go’ Adds Years To Players’ Life, More Reason To Walk As Pokéstops Refresh Time Now Takes Longer [REPORT]


"Pokémon Go" players have more reason to play as the increased physical activity positively impacts life expectancy based from a wide-scale study by Stanford University. Moreover, "Pokémon Go" players may now have additional reason to walk more as Pokéstops refresh time now takes longer due to a "Pokémon Go" update.

"Pokémon Go" is a popular Augmented Reality (AR) game where players are asked to catch a bunch of Pokémon while walking around. Niantic has kept players engaged in the game by featuring new Pokémon and launching special events.

"Pokémon Go" Impacts Life Expectancy

"Pokémon Go" has the potential to increase the physical activity of its players. A Stanford University study discovered that within 30 days from playing the popular AR game, players could meet the official activity guidelines in triple amount.

"Pokémon Go" is able to increase physical activity of its players by a good 26 percent or 1,473 steps a day. The data was collected by using wearable sensors that measure the amount of steps travelled.

The findings reveal that "Pokémon Go" has already contributed 144 billion steps to U.S. physical activity in just a 30-day period. This could positively impact life expectancy in the U.S., adding more years to those who play the game, the Express reported.

"Pokémon Go" Update Affects Pokéstops Refresh Time

A potential "Pokémon Go" update may have an effect on Pokéstops refresh time as discovered by a Silph Road trainer with the username of issiech. The user reported to the "Pokémon Go" gaking community that Pokéstops refresh now takes longer by 30 seconds.

Though the increase is slight, it could still impact "Pokémon Go" player's ability to play especially when there is few access to Pokéstops to spin for supplies, Mic has learned. The discovery is confirmed by other players in Redditt who have adjusted their route, walking further to reach fully refreshed Pokéstops.

Every time a Pokéstop is spun, it would become unavailable until it is refreshed. Once it is fully charged, the Pokéstops can be spun again for supplies. "Pokémon Go" players report that the typical recharging time is 5 mins, which now takes longer by half a minute.

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