‘Wolverine 3’: 'Logan' Latest News, Plot Leaks, Who is X-23, What To Expect [Video]


Hugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine is ending, not counting the character's possible cameo in "Deadpool 2," that is if Ryan Reynolds could convince Jackman to not hang up his Adamantium claws and sideburns just yet.

The coming "Wolverine 3" marks the eighth time Jackman played the clawed "Logan" over the course of 17 years. It is only fitting the character, as originally played by him on screen, gets a deserving exit as raised in an earlier report.

Only a few months away, plot details of "Logan" are still unknown, according to ScreenRant. However, basing on the released trailers so far, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) would be in the movie convincing "Logan" to assist a young girl who he says is very much like him. This young girl is presumed to be X-23, Wolverine's clone.


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X-23, or Laura Kinney, will be played by young actress Dafne Keen. X-23 was cloned from genetic samples retrieved by 'Essex Corp' in the end credits of "X-Men: Apocalypse." Fans know that samples retrieved from Wolverine were damaged leaving only the X chromosome present, this explains why X-23 is female.

The number denotes she is the 23rd in a series of clones that was created from the retrieved sample, wherein she was the only one successfully cloned. The rest of clones were not viable and or were failures. The organization that created X-23 also turns young mutant children, into killing machines.

It is presumed that "Logan" will loosely follow the "Old Man Logan" arc most especially when Jackman himself teased of the possibility during Comic-Con, according to Den of Geek! The "Old Man Logan" arc is set in an alternate universe in 2024, wherein the U.S. has been overwhelmed by supervillains. "Logan," having a wife and kid in this timeline yet refuses to extend his claws to fight off the villains.

"Wolverine 3" or "Logan" will come to movie screens March 3, 2017.

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