‘Fallout 4’ New Mod ‘Revolted’: A Corridor Shooter Mini-Game With Surprises And Boss Battle At The End [VIDEO]


"Fallout 4" gets a new mod called "Revolted," which is a corridor shooter mini-game added to the title's Holotape games. Creator Cohagen developed the mod featuring 90s style RPG game, but also with interactions with non-playable characters, a few tasks and other surprises including a boss battle at the end.

"Fallout 4" was launched in 2015 which amounts to a considerable time where gamers have most likely finished it in its entirety. Hence, the new mod created by Cohagen of the modding community is a welcome addition to the title with only a few Holotape games included.

"Fallout 4" and "Revolted"

Bethesda has not given any new updates on "Fallout 4," which may have prompted the modding community to develop a mini-game for the open world title. Cohagen created "Revolted," which is a corridor shooter mini-game where players get to be an overseer of Vault 102.

"Fallout 4" players of the new mod will blast their way inside the vault, which has now been opened and filled with monsters. They will also have to take control of the vault from the evil Professor, PC Gamer has learned.

"Fallout 4" New Mode Features

"Revolted in "Fallout 4" is actually a blast from the past with its nineties look and gameplay features. The Overseer is reminiscent of Duke Nukem and the mod itself can be likened to the original "Doom" or "Wolfenstein" complete with the same thumping chip music as soundtrack, exaggerated voice acting and a few 2D sprites in 3D levels, Gamerant reported.

Aside from plenty of action features, "Revolted" in "Fallout 4" also allows interactions with non-playable character. Players will also be tasked to search for colored keycards or floppy disks needed to open locked doors. There are other surprises in the mini-game as well including a boss battle towards the end.

How To Activate "Revolted" in "Fallout 4

For those playing "Fallout 4" in PC, "Revolted" is now available for download for free. Once the mini-game is installed, players should go to Concord which is found in the Boston Commonwealth Wasteland. Inside the Speakeasy, the only lone survivor will discover a computer terminal on the second floor that will activate "Revolted." However, PlayStation users will not be able to play the game since the PS4 will not allow external assets in mods, while Xbox One users may have difficulty with the console's size limits for "Fallout" mods.

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