‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Gameplay Features & New Worlds; Prequel Story In ‘Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8’ [VIDEO]


"Kingdom Hearts 3" is one of the most anticipated sequels to the Square Enix-Disney collaboration. It has new gameplay features, new worlds iterated and expanded further for a full-scale title. Meanwhile, players can have a taste of what the latest sequel will be with the prequel mini-game included in the soon-to-be released "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8."

At the onset, an RPG-game like "Final Fantasy" by Square Enix seems a strange idea when mashed-up with a Disney world. However, "Kingdom Hearts" was able to prove a successful team-up. Hence, anticipation is high for a long overdue "Kingdom Hearts 3." Many fans speculated that it will debut this year, but Square Enix has made no official announcements or even released demos to support it.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Gameplay Features

Much of the scenarios and gameplay features from "Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage" included in the soon-to-be released "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" will appear in "Kingdom Hearts 3." Sora and his friends can now make super-moves based on rides from popular theme parks. This will include attacks based on the classic spinning cup, Big Magic Mountain and Pirate Ship rides.

In other "Kingdom Hearts" games, Sora's keyblades are swapped and upgraded like the typical RPG gear. But it will now feature unique transformations like turning into a pair of child-friendly guns or even a chariot. Moreover, Sora in "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be able to run along walls, which will be further expanded as part of a special moveset for players.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" New Worlds

There is much speculation about the inclusion of new Disney worlds for "Kingdom Hearts 3," especially with Disney's acquisition of Marvel and LucasFilm. "Kingdom Hearts 3" co-driector Tai Yasue has hinted to have their "plates full" when it comes to possible settings and storylines for the coming sequel.

So far, only two CG movies have been confirmed that will be included in "Kingdom Hearts 3." These are Big Hero 6 and Tangled. Back in 2015, Square Enix has revealed a short glimpse into the coming sequel with Sora riding Baymax and a setting that looks like Rapunzel's tower, VG247 has learned.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Prequel Mini-Game

"Kingdom Hearts 3" has no official release yet, but fans can have a taste of what the gameplay will be with the prequel mini-game included in the "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8." The prequel will arrive solely on PS4 on Jan. 24. Recent review of the game in Famitsu and Game Informer gave it a score of 9 and 8.5 respectively out of 10 with a revised camera as the best in the series so far, iDigital Times reported.

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