Windows 10 Creators Update Addresses User Privacy Concerns With New Privacy Dashboard


Windows 10 Creators Update will have some big surprises this year. Microsoft has just released a new Windows Insider preview that shows a few new features, which include new settings and controls for Windows 10 privacy and data collection capabilities.

Microsoft is reportedly working on a few changes for Windows 10 Creators Update that will alter its user interface. However, it will not be a major overhaul to the entire operating system. Instead, it will simply be a minor update that will build on the existing OS user interface.

Microsoft To Get Windows 10 A New Look

According to Engadget, Microsoft is adding some improvements in the Windows 10 Creators Update. The Windows Edge browser will now include a tab preview.

This year, we will also see Microsoft's Flash crackdown takes its full effect. Microsoft Edge browser will now block untrusted Adobe Flash-based contents.

The software giant also has an option that will allow users to decide whether to include driver updates when updating Windows OS. However, this feature is only available to Professional, Education and Enterprise Windows 10 versions.

Microsoft is also upgrading Windows Information Protection (WIP) to help organizations and businesses protect sensitive data across their devices. The newly improved WIP will provide total information leak protection and ensure that only authorized users and apps have access to business data.

In addition, WIP helps content from business documents from leaking through copy and paste operations. Microsoft is also adding a new Refresh Windows, an option for slow PCs, crashing PCs or those unable to update Windows.

Microsoft Starts To Get Serious About Users Privacy

In response to the latest criticism from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that accused Microsoft of sending "unprecedented amount of usage data" with its Windows 10 OS, Microsoft plans to introduce new settings and controls for Windows 10's privacy and data collection capabilities.

According to PC World, Microsoft wants to simplify the Windows diagnostic data collection so that it's clear what telemetry data is being sent back to the company. The Windows 10 privacy changes have two parts. Available immediately to users is a Web-based "privacy dashboard" that show Microsoft Account users any activity data.

This feature will give users access to, and the ability to delete, information collected by the intelligent assistant Microsoft Cortana, which include browsing history, search terms, location history and more, Ars Technica reported.

Microsoft Account users can now clear data the way they delete their browsing history, location data, or search history all in the new web-based privacy dashboard which is currently available on Microsoft Account portal.

In addition, Microsoft also announced that it will add more functionality and categories of data over time.

The company's Windows 10 Creators Update are clearly designed to address the big growing privacy issues, but users still need to wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update in April to see whether the software company has truly addressed all of the privacy concerns.

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