Google Chrome Guide, Tips: How To Download Web Page And Video For Offline View


Google Chrome users can easily download most web pages and videos for their offline viewing pleasure. These guide and tips are applicable to Android devices loaded with Chrome.

How To Download Web Page In Chrome

First open the Google Chrome browser and load the web page intended for offline reading. Hit the three dots which are located at the Chrome Windows upper right side. It opens a menu but the download icon is at the top situated in between the information and bookmark icon. In case the icon is nowhere to be found, it's time to update your chrome browser. Downloading web page for offline is the only alternative for those travelling without Internet access, according to Fizure.

Note that the download is only applicable per page, for multiple pages download each separately. For offline viewing, pull down the notification bar which is at top most part of your device's screen. Once there, you can hit the notification message for that particular download. Another way is to launch the Chrome browser again. Hit the three dot icon again but this time Select Downloads and choose the desired offline web page.

How to Download Video In Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser and load the video you selected for offline viewing. Play the video then tap and hold it. A pop-up message will appear with the words "Download video". Tap it to begin downloading. There are two ways to view it offline. Pull down the notification bar and tap the notice message that says the video has been downloaded successfully. The second way is to go back to Chrome and tap the three dots. From there choose Downloads and select the video you want to view offline.

Unfortunately, YouTube videos are exempted from this download method, according to PC Advisor. This is curious since its videos are the most popular. Google owns YouTube but it's not willing to share its video for offline viewing. The only possible explanation for this is piracy fears on the part of the video owners and YouTube.

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