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Philosophy: Why It Is An Important Subject For Students To Study


The great Stoic philosopher Epictetus said that "men are not disturbed by the things that happen, but by the opinion of the things that happen." In simple terms, we are affected by how we perceive the events that happen to us and there lies the reason why every college student should study philosophy.

Philosophy is simply defined as man's attempt to "reason well about certain traditional domains of study." Compared to other disciplines, philosophy helps improve the critical thinking skills of a person. More so, it also helps you understand your understanding and response to life.

Critical thinking skills are very much needed in this era of information technology. With all the influx of information we get day in and day out, it's difficult to tell which is real and which is not without applying critical thinking.

Emma and Peter Worley, the brains behind the Philosophy Foundation said that philosophy also improves a person's cognitive skills because it makes them better thinkers as they develop what Socrates called the silent dialogue within themselves.

Albert Ellis, the father of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, took Socrates' silent dialogue further and developed the ABC model, which he used to help people understand how they respond to adversity. Through the ABC model, people go through a silent dialogue with themselves to internally process what is happening externally. Ellis believes that when a person is able to control his beliefs and perceptions, the external, which he has no control of, will not affect him anymore.

Emma Worley somehow coincides with Ellis as she said that philosophy is a human thing to do because it moves people, to think, to reason, and to reflect. Moreover, philosophy also safeguards the mind against any type of "education" that seeks to control. She said that philosophy allows you to step outside the system, ask meaningful questions, and encourage a dialogue.

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