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Employers View On Online Degrees Versus Traditional Graduate Degrees


Getting an online degree is considerably a popular trend when it comes to getting an education. Some opt to take a virtual degree for personal reasons. Be it because of location, schedule concerns or personal preferences for work or stay at home individuals.

An online degree can be beneficial towards getting an employment. However, according to reports, there are some employers who still opt for the traditional university and college graduate.

But why would some employers choose a graduate coming from a classroom setting over an online graduate? Most employers do accept online degrees, as reported by U.S. News. However, those employers that prefer the traditional graduate look at the delivery models of the schools. These hiring managers are much more comfortable knowing they were personally taught in a classroom setting, particularly in the field of technology.

Some employers are also considering the credibility of the online school. There are lesser-known schools out there and only a few are accredited. This would ensure that their expectations are met when it comes to quality standards. Some online courses offer MBAs and they are accredited, too, as reported by Accredited Schools Online.

For students with location concerns, an online degree would work best. The hiring manager would ask in the interview how the person can manage living in one area while studying in another. Some employers will not find out that the graduate had taken a virtual course until the interview. During the interview, the candidate's answers will reveal a lot about the decision-making abilities of the person.

There are employers who respect virtual degree holders. They understand that taking an online degree was an important choice at the time especially if the candidate is balancing a full time job or a family. They respect time management skills.

Employers may tend to ask a lot of questions when it comes to online degree holders but candidates should know that the degree is not the only biggest concern. They are still going to look for talent, job history and other qualities.

The video from American InterContinental University (AIU) features how employers view online degrees:

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