The ‘Rings’ Trailer New Blend Of Horror Hints Samara Can Now Email [Video]


The eight-year-old tormenter from "The Ring" franchise, Samara Morgan, is back with a new trick up her sleeve. She ditches the video tape and decides to go viral via email video attachment in "Rings," the third installment of the horror franchise.

The new "Rings" movie takes the mysterious video that kills anyone who views it after seven days, and uploaded online. The video is uploaded and sent as an attachment to emails, which makes it potentially more deadly in raising the body count once it spreads, Cinemablend reported.

"Rings" introduces Matilda Lutz playing the protagonist, Julia. The catalyst of the film's action would come from her boyfriend who is interested in the urban legend of the video that kills. Julia receives the email with the deadly video and the trailer clip shows her peeling the skin off her palm and pulling hair from her throat. The trailer also shows a bit Samara's origins. It also showed how she came to be the film's tormentor.

Interestingly, the original videotape being translated to digital is one aspect of the film that needs a closer look. The transition of using a singular tape to putting it online and using social media to spread the video makes for an interesting story of how many could die after seven days of watching.

This time around, Samara's history is shown in eerie green as she is shown being pushed down a well, later on, to move back into Julia's world by crawling out of her laptop screen instead of a TV screen in the old "The Ring" movies, according to Rolling Stone.

Apparently, Samara's return was shown in a shorter trailer released by Paramount showing her to have learned how to send emails. "Rings" is set 13 years after the events of the original in the franchise, reports say.

Rings was supposed to be released last October, however, it was pushed back and rescheduled this coming Feb. 3, 2017, in US cinemas.

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