Sylvain White To Direct “The Slender Man” Movie, Production Starts Spring 2017 [Video]


The internet's resident bogeyman is getting its own film adaptation to be helmed by "Stomp the Yard" and "The Losers" director Sylvain White from the script penned by David Birke.

The Slender Man history

The Slender Man is a creation that came out of a "Something Awful" forum contest wherein the fictional character became an internet meme. The idea originated from the imagination of Eric Knudsen in 2009 (posting as "Victor Surge") published photos of children with a featureless tall figure behind them. The backstory of The Slender Man grew from there with narratives featuring the creature that abducts people, particularly children, according to Screenrant.

The character's background took off and grew deeper encompassing different forms of popular culture and media that included literature, video games. "The Slender Man's" urban legend even delved in real life, when two 12-year-old girls attempted to commit murder in 2014 and pointed that "The Slender Man," told them to do it.

"Beware the Slender Man"

In March last year, HBO came out with a documentary entitled "Beware the Slender Man" detailing the harrowing events that transpired in the woods of Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee when two 12-year-old girls stabbed their friend 19 times upon the alleged prodding of a tall, lanky, faceless man.

Thankfully, the two girl's victim was able to survive the ordeal after she was left for dead despite the multiple stab wounds in her arms, legs, and torso where her vital organs also sustained major injuries. Later investigations said the girls tried to kill their friend to appease the fictional character to gain permission to live in "The Slender Man's" mansion deep into the Nicolet National Forest.

"The Slender Man" will now add another feather to its creepy bio with Screen Gems securing the rights to develop the character for adaptation into a movie alongside Mythology Entertainment, IGN reported. No actors have been cast nor are details of the movie plot available as of this report. "The Slender Man" is slated for release in 2018.

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